I have a website about estimation and decision making, which are surely of use in any business, but it was actually created with social technology in mind.  That makes it especially important for businesses based on social technology.


There is an increasing number of social media companies and there are also companies which specialize in helping people find social relationships, including jobs.  Over time, social technology will become more and more important for business.  It will be used in existing companies and be the basis or purpose of new ones.  This site exists to outline that technology.  Other goals are to encourage the development of new social technology and to promote its use.

I have a site dedicated to the development of social technology at the hardware and software level, and another for social tech software development only.

This website is not aimed at the selfish entrepreneur who aims only to make money.  It is instead part of a project to make society work.  But those who are unashamedly selfish and defend a dedicated pursuit of wealth might do well to consider the old idea that enlightened self-interest is indistinguishable from altruism.  This is the notion that if one well and truly understood the consequences of one’s actions, the selfish person would nevertheless behave in a way which benefited society and seemed altruistic.  In other words, take your role as entrepreneur seriously and try to make money, but be careful to consider all of the consequences.  If you do, you will improve both your own life and that of others.